Fernando Palomo Moreno

My work

Stellantis Logo


Stellantis C1ST is one of the biggest Salesforce projects in the european union, I work in the team in charge of maintaining and developing new features for the public communieies of the project.

Iberdrola Logo

Iberdrola SMART

Mainteneance and development of the Iberdrola SMART project, I worked for +1 year on this project and it helped me a lot to grow my skills and knowledge in the Salesforce platform.

Autoescuelas Consur Logo

Autoescuelas Consur

This was the "End of Degree Project" that I did when I finished my Web Development degree, the code and all the documentation is public on GitHub.

DNI Generator Logo

PT/ES NIF generator

A simple and free tool that I coded while working on Iberdrola, because I needed to do tests in a faster way, it allows you to generate valid NIF numbers for Spain and Portugal.

Music discord bot capable of playing from spotify and youtube

Yato | 夜ト

Yato is a Discord bot that can play music from spotify and youtube. I was curious to see how the discord API wordked and at that moment I had a lot of free time so I started this as a way to continue practicing my skills.